Lung Cancer


Causes & Risk factors

  • Exposure to chemicals and substances; in many occupations and industries could increase your risk of developing carcinoma. These chemicals and substances include arsenic, asbestos.
  •   Smoking cigarettes is the single biggest risk issue for carcinoma. It's to blame for most the cases in lungs & other cancers.
  •   Tobacco smoke contains sixty percent completely different unhealthful substances, that increase the risk to be cancerous (cancer-producing).
  •   If you smoke twenty to twenty-five cigarettes every day, you're twenty-five times higher risk, probably to induce carcinoma than a non-smoker.
  •   Personal or case history of carcinoma
  •   If you're a carcinoma survivor, there's a risk that you simply could develop another carcinoma, particularly if you smoke. Your risk of carcinoma could also be higher if your oldsters, brothers or sisters, or kids have had carcinoma. this might be true as a result of the conjointly smoke, or they live or add identical place wherever they're exposed to inert gas and alternative substances which will cause carcinoma.
  • long exposure and pollution in working place   


  • a cough that doesn’t escape once a pair of or three weeks
  • a long-standing cough that gets worse
  • chest infections that keep coming
  • coughing up blood
  • a pain once respiratory or coughing
  • persistent SOB
  • persistent fatigue or lack of energy
  • loss of craving or unexplained weight loss


A chest X-ray is sometimes the first to take a look at the accustomed diagnosis of carcinoma. Most respiratory organ tumors seem on X-rays as a white-grey mass.

A CT scan is sometimes subsequent take a look at what you'll need once a chest X-ray. A CT scan uses X-rays and a pc to form elaborate pictures of the within of your body. Before having a CT scan, you will be given an associate degree injection containing a special dye referred to as a contrast material, that helps to boost the standard of the photographs.

The PET-CT scan (which stands for antilepton emission tomography-computerized tomography) will show wherever there is a unit of active cancer cells. this could facilitate designation and selecting the most effective treatment.

A bronchoscopy may be a procedure that permits a doctor to check the within of your airways and take away a little sample of cells (biopsy).

During a bronchoscopy, a skinny tube with a camera at the top, referred to as a medical instrument, is more established your mouth or nose, down your throat, and into your airways.

The scan is painless and takes ten to half-hour


Treatments of lungs cancer depend on some factors and integration of alternative departments area unit required too

It depends on on-Types of Tumors, size, and site of tumors. Stages of Cancer, Overall body immunity.

Most on the choice of possibility are – 
Ø  Surgery

Ø  Chemotherapy

Ø  Radiotherapy

Ø  Immunotherapy

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