Wining Cancer

Millions of people are affected by cancer and battling hard to survive all over the world. It is tough to win over Cancer and it’s tough to go through hard and painful treatment. Definitely, as a patient, grit determination to live on is very important but for a survivor, it’s like adjusting to new feelings, new problems , and different ways to look at the world.

Understanding Cancer:

The human body is composed of multiple cells and these cells grow in a well-controlled and steady manner to produce more cells that keep the body growing and functionally normal. When these cells age or get damaged they get replaced by new cells. This reaction will come from an area or organ of the body where the cells continue to multiply and live beyond their life span. These cells are the malignant cells.

Cancer is a medical condition in which mutation of cells lead to abnormal and uncontrolled multiplication of cells, in one organ or part of the body. These groups of malignant cells migrate and invade other parts of the body through blood and lymph, leading to cancer. Tumors happened when a group of malignant cells come together to form a tissue.

Prevention, Diet control, Early detection and correct diagnosis are the main steps for Cancer treatment and survival.

A global Picture of Cancer:

Cancer is increasing day after day. The 8 million cancer Death a year in all over the world and 5 million will be in low-income countries. So, it’s very alarming. Many of cancers in those countries are preventable. Tobacco related cancer continue to be the fastest growing types in those countries. As Cervical cancer could be preventable by vaccines others as Breast cancer can be avoidable through awareness. But treatment remain another hurdle in those country. Many still do not have access to chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Endocrine therapy, surgery and others measures. It’s a burning question for the serious health crisis like cancer in a developing country like Bangladesh.



Early Diagnosis:

Diagnosis is very important to treat cancer and correct diagnosis can reduce complexity of treating cancer. People diagnosed earlier with cancer are not more likely to survive but importantly have better experience of care. Lower treatment morbidity and improved quality of life, compared with those diagnosed lately. The right treatment plan starts for a patient with screening. Labaid cancer Hospital and super specialty center has emphasized on it by multiple screening packages. We have lungs, Breast, Cervical and prostate cancer screening packages. Our latest Technologies are -PET-CT, MRI, Digital Mamogram,4D ultrasound.



Multidisciplinary Team:

The multidisciplinary team is a panel of specialists who are expert in their own field of study. The panel of expert works together to ensure that comprehensive opinion is provided for best possible treatment plan of patients. Labaid cancer hospital and super specialty center has multidisciplinary doctors and experts to ensure best treatment for Cancer Patients. Our Oncology centers are -Head & Neck cancer center, Mouth & Lungs cancer Center, Gastro-Hepatic Cancer Center, Gynecological Cancer Center, Dialysis & Urological Cancer center.

Our multidisciplinary experts are-Medicine specialist, chest medicine Consultants, Neurologist, Onco-surgeon, Neurosurgeon, Breast Surgeon, General and Laparoscopic Surgeon, Gynae-onco Specialist, Hepatologist, Nephrologist and Urologist.

In addition to this, we have a team of experienced oncologists and radiotherapists.

With all our effort, expert panels and the latest technology of labaid cancer hospital and super specialty center, we are a step closure to win over cancer.

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