Diagnosis and Treatment

For Cancer-Diagnosis is the most important issues to be realized. If Diagnosis are gone wrong than Treatment will be ineffective and suffering of patient’s will be enormous. We have taken the diagnosis processes very seriously, that’s why our all Imaging studies are intended to provide the physician with a road map to target areas of cancer and cancer growth in your body. The results of imaging studies assist to direct the appropriate treatment necessary for your cancer.

Laboratory Test

  • Our well-equipped laboratory has all facilities -it includes
  • All Biological, Biochemical, Serological Test.
  • Histopathology,
  • Pap-smears,
  • Immuno-Histo chemistry Test,
  • FNAC, Biopsies,
  • All Cancer Biomarkers teat are available to detect cancer.

Advance Digital X-ray machine

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A Test