Penile Cancer


Penile Cancer, It’s a rare type of cancer that usually occurs on the skin of the penis or within the penis. The Cancer can spread to the other areas of the body. It’s size may be small bump or large infected sore.

Risk Factors of Penile Cancer

Age over 60 years.

Smoke cigarette

Practice poor personal hygiene and poor sanitation.

Have a sexually transmitted infection as HPV infection.


Symptoms are-

Itching, burning discharges.

Changes color of Penile skin

Thickening of the Penile skin.


Redness & Irritation.

Swollen lymph node of the groin.



A Biopsy: removal of small sample tissue or skin from the penis. sample are analyzing to detect cancer cells.

Cystoscope: a narrow tube inserted into penis to see inside the penis and surrounding structures.

MRI: conducted to make sure that Cancer invades the deeper tissues or not.



Stage:0-Involved only top layers of the skin.

Stage:1-Cancer has spread into the connective tissues just below the skin.

Stage:2-Cancer spread to the connective tissues, lymph vessels and blood vessels or Cancer has spread to the erectile tissues or the Urethra.

Stage:3A- Cancer has spread to the connective tissues, lymph vessels or blood vessels and or cells. Cancer has spread to the one or two lymph in the groin.

Stage 3B-Cancer has spread to the connective tissues, lymph vessels or blood vessels.

Stage 4-Cancer has spread to the nearby area such as the pubic bones, prostate or scrotum or cancer has spread to the others area of body parts.



  • Circumcision
  • Chemotherapy
  • Laser therapy
  • Radiation Therapy
  • Cryotherapy.

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Our Expert Medical Team

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