About Labaid Cancer Hospital And Super Specialty Center

Labaid Cancer Hospital & Super Specialty Center is the complete integrated cancer hospital with forefront of medical technologies and expertise in Bangladesh. The lack of quality treatment and suffering of the patients in Bangladesh, inspired the visionary leader Dr A M Shamim to set a new trend in treatment for Bangladeshi patients. As a result, LABAID Diagnostic was established with the belief that a cure is the result of an accurate Diagnosis with best possible care.

Today LABAID is one of the leading group of companies in the country which includes business of health care, pharmaceuticals, financial, education, agros etc. However, the core of LABAID Group lies in health care services. Also, Labaid Cardiac Hospital is giving excellent treatment for the Cardiac patients. Now LABAID Group is going to inaugurating a leading & fully equipped cancer Hospital in Bangladesh where patient’s satisfaction is the first priority.

It will bring all modern cancer treatment facilities like chemotherapy, Immunotherapy, Target therapy Hormone therapy, Gene therapy, Radiotherapy technique like - 3DCRT, IMRT, IGRT, Rapid arch, SRS, SBRT, Brachytherapy, Electron Beam therapy under one roof that will prevent roaming of patients errantly in home and abroad.

It has very much experienced dedicated Oncology team like Medical, Radiation, surgical, Gynecological Oncologist. Medical Physicist, Radiologist, Pediatric Oncologist, Haemato-Oncologist, fully equipped pathology Lab, ICU, HDU, 8 Modular advance OT, Day care center, Dialysis center, Palliative care and psychotherapy center, 24/7 Emergency Pharmacy service and all Super specialty in patient departments. It will set a milestone in the field of the cancer treatment in the Sub-continent.

Our Goal to Wining Cancer

Labaid Cancer Hospital & Super Specialty Center, a concern of Labaid Group is the only Multidisciplinary super-specialty tertiary care hospital in Bangladesh, confidently providing comprehensive health care with the latest medical, surgical, Radiation and diagnostic facilities. These services are provided by Expert medical professionals, skilled nurses, A Complete Oncology Team and a well-organized Multidisciplinary Treatment Board (Tumor Board).

Latest Cancer Therapy


  1. Genome therapy
  2. Immunotherapy
  3. Hormone therapy




Highly trained Laboratory Technologists using state-of-the-art technology. World class surgical and diagnostic facilities with 8 Modular Operation Theater, and Upcoming robotic surgery.

  • Experienced Specialist Consultants Modern Oncology set up in one umbrellaed-As
    • Chemotherapy
    • Radiotherapy
    • Brachytherapy
    • Immunotherapy &
    • Hormonotherapy
  • High Tec. Machineries
  • Dedicated modernized laboratory for Cancer diagnosis
  • Expert oriented fully equipped Pathology Lab
  • At prime center of Dhaka
  • 14 storied modern building facility at center of Dhaka.
  • 150+ Inpatient beds, Emergency facilities, ICU, HDU, Dialysis, Palliative care
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